Hesitate“ – that word sums up my life pretty much. I always hesitate before taking action. I remember a few times where I actually started doing the exact thing that was going on in my head. I remember feeling great and alive. You may ask, why I won’t keep realizing my ideas, right? Well for that, let me take you on a little journey.

I am a really really .. I mean REALLY thoughtful person. I overthink every little detail and start weighing opinions in my head. I start thinking about the outcome and if I could deal with whatever my decision is going to bring with it. Based on that I will take action. I know, it’s probably not the best way to act upon your imaginations, dreams etc. I also know I should trust my intuition more and just go for it, but that’s the part. The „just-go-for-it“ part won’t work for me. I will keep thinking about what the consequences of my decision could be. I literally think about it every free second of my life. Doesn’t matter if I am having a bath reading my favorite book on how to be a badass and living in „the zone“ (which means living in the here and now) or lying in bed trying to fall asleep.

As soon as it gets dark outside the demons free themselves from their cages and start wandering around in the depths of my brain. There is no way I can stop them. That is basically how I roll. Everything in my life revolves around thinking.

I try to work against my demons by reading my favorite book over and over and over again. It helps me stay motivated for a short period of time but I’m getting there. The first time I have read it, my motivation to be more spontaneous lasted only for about a few days. Now after reading it for the 100th time, it feels, the motivation lasts for weeks even months now. I am getting closer and closer to my goal. Even though there are a few demons still left in my brain, I do have them under control most of the time.



Hallo Unterbewusstsein, was ist los mit dir?

Heute geht’s mir richtig scheiße. Plötzlich überkam mich so eine Traurigkeit. Aus dem Nichts. Bäm. Sie war auf einmal da. Wieso? Ich weiß es nicht. Vielleicht ist es wieder nur eine Phase. Schieben wir das emotionale Chaos einfach mal auf den Mond.

Ein möglicher Grund könnte aber auch das Packen für eine kleine Reise sein. Letztens als ich innerhalb von Österreich gereist bin, hatte ich eine unglaublich gute Zeit. Und jetzt steht wieder eine kleine Reise an. Emotional zerreißt es mich gerade. So viele Gedanken schweben in meinem Kopf. So viele unbeantwortete Fragen. Klar, ich könnte mich auf den Weg machen um meine Antworten zu finden. Will ich es? Ja. Trau ich mich es? Nein. Wäre ich erleichtert, wüsste ich den Grund wieso alles so ist, wie es jetzt ist? Vielleicht. Könnte ich mit den Konsequenzen leben die dadurch entstehen? Höchstwahrscheinlich nicht. Deshalb schweige ich vor mich hin und hoffe, dass ein Wunder geschieht und sich alles klärt. Einstweilen hüpfe ich von einer Party zur Nächsten und lege meine ganze Hoffnung in den Abend, dass am nächsten Morgen alles gut sein wird. Verdrängen heißt noch lange nicht vergessen. Höchstens temporär.

Ich setzte alles daran, einfach hinzunehmen wie die Situation gerade ist. Morgen wache ich bestimmt wieder auf, lese diesen Text hier und lache über den Unsinn der mich heute noch so belastet hat.

my heart is out at sea, my head all over the place

As I type these words, tears are streaming down my face. Here I am writing it for everyone to read. I don’t know who I am anymore. The last quarter of the year was a constant roller coaster ride. I know I seem to be truly living my life, having everything under control when in fact I’m dying on the inside. Everyone seems to be moving forward, except me. I feel like I am stuck in the same place for these past couple of months.

I constantly seek my purpose in this life. I’ve been to places, met the most amazing people, yet I still feel empty. This whole entire year I hopped from one airplane to the other to literally grab life by it’s balls and live my life. Travelling has opened so many new doors but at the same time closed many too. I have learned a lot about myself, but had only little time to let these emotions and feelings sink in. Due to my restlessness I have ignored my inner voice which tried to tell me to process things properly before jumping to the next adventure. Along the road I have met the most inspiring souls which still, to this day, make me fight to be a better person each and every day. The only sad thing about this is, I can’t keep them close to me.