A few days ago I have introduced you to my dear friend „Hesitation“ which is best friends with none other than „Doubt“.

Let’s dive right into my soul. Shall we?
Doubt walks hand in hand with Hesitation. At least in my little world. Doubt is usually the the reason I hesitate before taking action. I not only doubt wether the outcome is worth putting in all the effort, no I even doubt my own existence from time to time. I literally doubt everything – and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING.

It is not easy living in a fast-moving world. As soon as you have settled down and finally feel content in all aspects of your life, you are forced to move forward and catch up on everything that you have „missed“ due to taking one step at a time. In a society where everyone blindly moves forward, there is no time for emotions or deep conversations left anymore. The kind of communication that is now domineering is small talk. Sad, right? I never thought I will be experiencing this horrible era where everything is better left unsaid and the only form of communication taking place is online in the depths of the WWW.

This is exactly why I lately I found myself doubting human existence. Are there even humans left? For me most of the people living on this planet are puppets on social medias string. I see how most of my close friends turn into walking corpses in front of my eyes. There is nothing left inside of them that makes them happy for longer than a day. If that is not heartbreaking for you to see, you are probably one of those walking corpses.