simple thought.

The simple thought of knowing, you can have literally everything you have ever dreamed of, makes my heart beat faster out of mere excitement.

Your thoughts vibrate energy. Good or bad. Depending on which of the two you choose to focus on, a shift in your reality will happen. Your life with all its experiences have been attracted by you. If you want to have a change in your life, take your time and think about what it is you want.

Sit down at a quiet place an write down your dreams. Let the emotions flow. Emotions are a crucial part of manifesting your dream life. Once you feel happiness and the exciting, positive energy flowing through your system, you know you are on the right path. Believe that what you wish for is meant for you. Act as if it is already yours and your dreams will turn into reality faster than you think.



I’ve been on a constant high these past few days. Enjoying life, living my life without any regrets. I honestly enjoyed every second of it until the devil on my shoulder took over me. Everything worked out as planned and even if it didn’t exactly work out as I imagined to, the outcome was always as I expected it to be. It’s just the way to reach my goal was a different one than I thought it would be. Which in fact is not a bad thing.

However there was one event that made the rollercoaster drop immensely. I’ve decided to break free from my old habits and try out something new. I want to finally chase my dreams and travel. This is what I am going to do. It is fucking scary stepping into the unknown not knowing what comes next, but at the same time it is exciting as heck. I live for adventures. I truly do. Uncertainty attracts my attention despite it being a bit scary. I was not placed on earth to make the same mistakes over and over again. Neither was I put here to live a life others want me to. I am here to follow my goals and learn as much as possible.

I may have fucked up these past few days, drowning in my own misery but I don’t regret it per se. As a perfectionist, sure, I want to have control over every bit of my life but where is the fun in having everything planned out? I need to have a bit of room to be surprised by unexpected events. I’m not saying to stop planning out your life or having a vision, dreams and goals. No. You sure need something to work towards for but you have to make some room for surprises.



I always say, what is meant to be will be.
I’m a strong believer that not only people but also certain events will happen if you want them to. You may not wish for something to happen, wake up the next morning and it’ll be there. No. You attract something or someone into your life once you’re ready for it. Don’t give up on your dreams. Never. They will arrive. Sooner or later.

Once your mindset has reached the level of I-am-complete-and-do-not-need-someone-or-something-to-make-me-complete, positive opportunities will make their way into your life without you even persistently trying to. Stop forcing things to happen. It will only push you further away from your dreams and goals. Relax and trust it will happen at the right time.

Focus on the here and now instead. This is the only time you can make use of. Put yourself in the best mood you can possibly achieve. Do what you love. Once you do what you love doing, you get closer and closer to your goals. Forget about your past and stop stressing about your future. You can’t change the past nor can you influence your future by sitting around waiting for things to happen. Take action. Whatever it is you are trying to achieve.