The new year started off quite nice, me knowing where I wanted to head. I have had my plans sorted out and finally found peace with the idea on which path to take. However, life is not always that easy. Eventually it’ll throw obstacles your way to test your real motivation – and that’s what happened.

I’ve realized for myself what I wanted to do with my life. Therefor I worked hard for it to make it happen. I never liked talking about my goals to anyone in case someone will hold my own opinion against me some time to tell me “but you’ve said this two weeks ago, stick to it”. I’d rather silently work on realizing my own dreams than go around telling everyone about it. It takes away most of the motivation to pursue your goal anyway. Always having to justify yourself in front of others is tiring as well.

One should choose their own path, knowing what’s best for them without letting other’s opinions bring them down.


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