Certain things will haunt your mind for what seems like forever. Trying to escape reality to forget about specific memories just for a while seems impossible if it is even haunting you in your own dreams at night.

I am catching planes to cities just to re-live the pleasure and sometimes even the pain I have been going through at very particular places. It helps me to grow stronger and realise how lucky I am. I travel to feel freedom, freedom from all the pain and all the negativity chasing me.

It is some sort of defense mechanism. I would literally hop on a plane to a city on the other side of the planet, just to walk around the streets and suck up the energy, re-charge my batteries and grow beyond my demons. Or at least that’s what I think I am doing. But every time I am on my way back home, this irresistible feeling of having to deal with my problems is making its way to the surface.

In conclusion all I do is escaping, not facing my problems and running away from reality.

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