Lived a lie

Never in my life have I felt such a biased feeling about taking a risky decision. I used to either feel completely devastated or completely happy. No in between.

Today is one of those days I feel happy to let go of the negativity, but I’m also a bit frightened about what the future has in store for me. I know there will be a million of opportunities once I follow my passions, doing what I love. Right now I know it’s the best I can do and deep inside of me I finally feel like heading somewhere in life. I feel like breaking free of my old habits and beliefs others have planted in my head for so long. It’s now time to follow my heart and live for myself. Way too long I’ve lived a life others would expect me to. I  came to the conclusion, pleasing others and meeting their expectations is the not the way to life-long happiness.

I wish I could describe the feeling in my chest right now. Knowing I’m one step closer to my goals has filled me with excitement and uncertainty, yet it makes me overly happy.


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