why worry?

The things I feared the most became reality. It was bound to happen. It was just a matter of time. I remember lying in bed wide awake, not being able to sleep and thinking about the worst case scenario that could happen to me within the next few weeks and months. I’ve shed tears, put my body through hell and forced my brain to reach the capacity to the extent it gave me migraines.

Sometimes I’m forced into situations that make me feel uncomfortable and let a small part of me die on the inside. It hurts in the moment and may hurt for a few more weeks but in the end I know it helps me grow as a person. Pain helps me overcome so many things. Pain makes me restart myself and get in touch with my true inner feelings and emotions but most importantly it shows me who I really am. It’s like as if I’m a snake growing out of my own skin each time I’m getting hurt. Pain makes me change. For the better. Most people won’t understand, but I have to fall down the deep dark hole in order to get in touch with myself again. It happens quite frequently but I won’t stop it from happening because I know that good times are waiting for me at the end of the tunnel.

Tough times are waiting for me in the future, I am aware of that. I have to get through certain things just to learn my lesson and guess what? It is okay like that. We all have these periods of times where we feel like the world has forgotten about us. Or maybe we feel stuck while everyone else seems to be moving forward. Everyone moves at their own pace and that is totally fine. Stressing yourself about things won’t get you anywhere. In fact it starts to consume you. Who tells you that all the things running through your head, keeping you up at night will eventually happen? No one can guarantee you that. What if you keep thinking about the same thing for weeks, months even, stressing over it only to find out you’ve waisted your time, because it never happened? If you try and live trusting your guts, life suddenly becomes so much more bearable. Great opportunities will run full speed into your arms, fulfilling you with happiness.

My point is, worrying will keep you from seeing the world in full HD. It’s true I can’t deny it, sometimes worries happen but most of the times they won’t.

If worries never happen, tell me why worry at all?


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